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letter from england

Im Rahmen des Englisch- Unterrichts wurden in der Jahrgangsstufe 6 Briefe geschrieben. Die Schüler schrieben über ihre Ferienerlebnisse und schickten diese an Miss Hewitt in Burton-on-Trent. Im Dezember kam dann eine nette Antwort aus England zurück:

"Burton-on-Trent, December 9th, 2013

Dear Class 6B,

Thank you very much for all your letters about the holidays. The summer seems a long time ago now! It was very interesting to read about all the things you had done, from seaside trips to farm holidays and cultural visits.

I hope the practice you had in writing has made it easier to master the past tense. I´m sure you will have moved on to other grammar now, perhaps harder. Keep trying, even if it seems tough! You will be happy to have made the effort when in a few years` time, you have the chance to visit England - or the U.S.A. - and will be able to talk to people and understand what they are saying to you.

With best wishes to you and Mrs. Dürsch for Christmas and 2014.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret A. Hewitt (Miss)"